Solar Farm

Commenced installation of a solar farm that will reduce the price paid for electricity by 50%.

Road Preservation Program

The Road Preservation Program covered substantially more of the 700 mile road network in Wicomico County than in most previous years.

Westside Collector Road

Public Works completed the construction of the 1.7-mile Phase #2 of the Westside Collector Road.

Tar and Chip Operation

The implementation of an in house tar and chip operation kicked off with crews covering 7.5 miles of county roads at a savings to the county.

GPS Fleet Tracking System

A division wide GPS Fleet Tracking System was implemented to improve effectiveness and coordination of winter and emergency operations around the county.

Mattress Recycling Program

A mattress recycling program was developed with an Eastern Shore based company that has diverted nine tractor trailer loads of mattresses from the landfill in less than three months.  The mattresses are now providing economic benefit to a local business.

Recycling Increase

Processing of recyclables has increased from 2200 tons in FY2013 to 3100 tons in FY2014 that resulted in a reduction of per ton processing.

Yard Waste

A program has been developed to separate yard waste that allows woody waste to be separated from leaves to reduce the processing costs and improve mulch quality.

Dredge Site

The Sharps Point Dredge Site has been prepared for this spring’s dredging ahead of schedule and under budget.