Completed purchase of State’s Attorney Office building on schedule.  Renovation of the old State’s Attorney Office is underway in preparation for an additional Circuit Court Judge.

Allocated $2.2 Million for the West Salisbury School project in 2016 CIP and $7.5 million in 2017 CIP.

Undertook assessment of all county facilities in order to ascertain a better understanding of the major capital needs of each building and to better prioritize capital spending.

Began renovation project of the historic Courthouse.

Completed improvements to Billy Gene Jackson Park and the Salvation Army property.

Completed the rehabilitation (repaving) of Airport Terminal Road and the Terminal Passenger Vehicle Parking Lot using Maryland Aviation Administration Airport Special Grant, Passenger Facility Charges.  No Wicomico County General Funds were used to finance either project.

Rehabilitation of Runway 5-23 completed.  The $8,922,805 project funded (90%) Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program Grant, (5%) Maryland Aviation Administration Airport Special Grant, and $446,141 (5%) Passenger Facility Charges.  No Wicomico County General Funds were used to finance this project.  The final product will bring RWY 5-23 into compliance with FAA design standards and increase the weight-bearing capacity of the existing 5,000’ x 100’ RWY 5-23 up to 56,000 pounds single-gear and 100,000 pounds dual-gear aircraft.

Completed renovations at the Carriage House; Ribbon Cutting August 11, 2015.

Emergency Services Radio System Request for Proposal has been issued and the funding for the required new system has been included in the 2016 and 2017 CIP.

WIP Projects:  The County has budgeted $200,000 per year as part of its Capital Improvement Plan.  The County has leveraged an additional $651,053 from State and non-profit organizations to assist with reducing nutrients and sediments from entering out local water bodies.  Grant funding is being used to assist with the cost of design/engineering and implementation of 18 stormwater retrofits projects underway in the County.

Engaged George, Miles & Buhr to undertake a sewer service feasibility planning study to address failing septic systems in the County Eastside corridor areas.

2017 CIP proposes water service to the Salisbury-Ocean City-Wicomico Regional Airport based on an analysis by George, Miles & Buhr.  Adding a public water supply will facilitate development on the airport grounds and in the general airport vicinity.