To effect a smooth and efficient transition into Office, announced and introduced the County Executive’s Transition Team, who assessed departmental proficiency.

Reorganized Airport Management Construct and Board of Commissioners with a focus on strategic development of the Airport as an economic asset.

Hired a Facilities Superintendent to assess the county’s real estate; create a construct that brings all major systems and infrastructures under one umbrella; create a central repository for building maintenance.

Department of Corrections Audit Award: In July of this year the Wicomico County Detention Center underwent an audit process from the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards and was found to be in total compliance, 100% with all standards.  This is the first time in the facilities history of accomplishing this goal during the initial audit.

Merged operations of General Services under Public Works.

Wicomico County has achieved a recycling rate of 41.91%, over 65,000 tons of glass, plastics, metal, cardboard, and paper products exceeding State standards.