December 2nd, Official Swearing-In Ceremony. The Honorable Larry Hogan, Guest Speaker.  Established a close relationship with the Governor and his staff to advocate for Wicomico County.

Engaged the County’s Health Officer and other Elected Officials, together with a member of the Transition Team, to support Lt. Governor Rutherford’s assignment to combat the ever-growing Heroin and Opioid problem across the State.

Have held regularly scheduled Legislative meetings with local delegation to discuss issues pertinent to Wicomico County and its citizens.

Legislative Bills: Joined the County Council in opposing Legislative Bills HB0381 and SB0257, PMT.  Bills are in direct conflict with Governor Hogan’s desire to review and assess.

Supported a proposal that allows Eastern Shore counties to opt out of the sprinkler system requirements

Negotiated a settlement with the Maryland Department of the Environment that avoided a $220,000 fine for landfill noncompliance. Proposed the demolition of the American Legion building in San Domingo, converting the site to a forest, which improves water quality.

Have held regular scheduled meetings with City of Salisbury Mayor Jake Day in order to better coordinate County and City operations.

Initiated Comprehensive Plan Update Review.