Wicomico County has budgeted $4.5 Million for repaving County roads in fiscal year 2018 (July 1 – June 30), a $500,000 increase over last year’s budget. This year’s repaving includes 54 miles of tar & chip surface treatment, 41 miles of slurry seal surface treatment, and 24 miles of hot mix asphalt pavement for a total of 119 miles.

The list of roads in this year’s schedule, as well as a description of the various surface treatments, can be found on the Wicomico County Public Works website at http://www.wicomicocounty.org/631/Road-Repair.

As a rule of thumb, the type of surface treatment a road receives is based on the volume of traffic on the road. The majority of the work will begin in the fall. Roads Division crews will be out between now and then stabilizing shoulders, rehabilitating ditches, and replacing cross road pipes in preparation for the repaving activities.

Please contact the Public Works Roads Division at 410-548-4872 with any questions.